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EKTECH Projects

 EKTECH's CMS Solution stops ATM Thefts in Malaysian Banks

EKTECH's CMS Solution stops ATM Thefts in Malaysian Banks from EKTECH Systems Engineering Sdn Bhd

 EKTECH's Guardian Angel Central Monitoring System solution stopped 5 attempted ATM thefts for a bank in Malaysia. The advance warning system allows instant CCTV images of any attempted break-ins to be sent to the banks Central Monitoring Station in Kuala Lumpur for instant visual verification and immediate response. The solution implemented last year connects all the banks branches and off-premise ATMs CCTVs to their HQ for monitoring. The system was implemented recently due to the high incidences of ATM break-ins and thefts. The system proved to be a success, stopping at least 5 attempted break-ins before any damage was done. For further info on the Guardian Angel CMS solution, please email to us at

EKTECH implements Total Integrated Security System


Office Block With Total Security

EKTECH implements Total Integrated Security System for latest MSC building in PJ EKTECH's project team successfully implement state-of-the art security systems for latest 30 storey office building in PJ, Malaysia. The project includes implementing Sony's advance HD (High-Definition) Network Cameras and IP CCTV Systems, Boom Edam's Pedestrian Turnstile systems and EntryPass's access control systems integrated via a fibre-optic network backbone. Please call us for more details of the project or check the story in our website


Sony HD IP Camera (Carpark Area)


Emergency Panic Alert Button (Carpark Security)


Sony HD Network Camera


Boom Edam Turnstile With Entry Pass Access Control

EKTECH Partners

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