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Products & Solutions

EKTECH Communications,

we supply a range of enterprise routers for corporate used from Teldat, Spain. The routers ranges from the Teldat ATLAS Enterprise Models to the Compact Teldat H4 Wireless 3G routers for ATMs, Kiosks and branches,  to industrial strength routers for harsh environments such as vehicles and unmanned sites.

EKTECH Systems Engineering,

we supply a wide range of security products for CCTV, Accces Control, Alarm Systems, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems such as Photo Beam and Fibre-Optic Vibration Sensors, CCTV Central Monitoring System (CCTV).

Our unique CCTV CMS systems is the one and only system in the world the monitors for CCTV health status of remote locations, sending alerts via low bandwidth network to HQ command and control.  The system is widely used by Financial Institutions such as banks to monitor their branches and off-premise ATMs.

Our security products ranges from our own high resolution H.264 Realtime Guardian Angel  DVRs to high-end IP CCTV Solution from SONY and Samsung.  The SONY IP Cameras has the SONY proprietary DEPA video analytics technology built-into the IP camera itself.

EKTECH Partners

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